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●Petrochemical and new energy sources, basic inorganic, organic chemical raw materials, fine and special chemicals, chemical synthetic materials and raw materials, chemical equipment and automation, chemical high-tech products;
●Raw materials for daily chemicals: Oily raw materials, solvent raw materials, powder raw materials, colloid raw materials, spices and flavors (natural, synthetic), pigments, organic intermediates, plant extracts, composite materials;
●Additives for daily chemicals:Including cleaning, hygiene, skin care, hair care (hairdressing), beauty, oral hygiene, perfume, fragrance, insect repellent and other daily chemical additives;
●Daily chemical auxiliaries: Mineral powder, inorganic acid, organic acid, organic base, inorganic alkali, inorganic salt and metal salt;
●Daily chemical solvent: Mineral oil solvents, natural component solvents, antioxidant solvents, alcohols, alkanes, ketones, esters, ethers, acid solvents;
●Raw material equipment and Application: Mixer, mixer, kneader, disperser, sand mill, reaction device, absorption tower, pump, valve, crushing equipment, drying equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, distillation equipment, acid tank, production packaging equipment, analytical testing equipment And related products;


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