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With the advancement of science and technology, people's lives have been continuously improved, and the quality of daily necessities, which is the most appropriate for our lives, has become higher and higher, with daily chemicals being more prominent. More people hope that daily chemical products can be naturalized, green, safe, and environmentally friendly, which are beneficial to humans and the earth. In recent decades, China's daily chemicals industry has experienced rapid development, achieving unprecedented results, increasing industrial output value, more refined product types and functions, new adjustments in product structure, and increased value added. The grades have been significantly improved, and brand-name products from all over the world have emerged constantly. The visibility, credibility and corporate image of the company have changed. Therefore, as a sunrise industry that is booming, the daily chemicals industry can meet the people’s pursuit of daily chemicals in the green, natural, safe and environmentally friendly industries. It has become the focus of people's attention to the quality connotation and function of daily chemicals in the new era.
The 8th China (Shanghai) International Daily Chemicals Raw Materials and Additives Exhibition 2021 ,It will be held at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center from May 13th to 15th , We will adhere to the principle of customer demand and adhere to the principle of serving the daily chemical industry wholeheartedly, and meet the daily chemical industry research and production practices to meet the daily market. The need to provide more scientific and safe production technology for more daily chemical manufacturers; the most advanced, cutting-edge, and most practical scientific and technological achievements; more comprehensive and multi-angle promotion of green ideas. Selecting the most standardized and most powerful scientific and technological knowledge for consumers is in line with the green trend of the daily chemical industry, and is also the most powerful cooperation between the two most promising industries of daily chemical raw materials and daily chemical products. Vigorously promote the scientific and technological progress and economic prosperity of China's daily chemical industry. This exhibition is looking forward to your participation!


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